Fresh Start

I love this time of year.colored pencils

As a child, I could hardly wait to return to school and see my classmates. We shared stories of family vacations and summer camp, then picked up our friendship where we left off the previous year.

As a parent, I was ready for my children to return to the routine. Even they agreed the lazy days of summer gave way to boredom. While they looked forward to social activities, I envisioned quiet solitude.

As an educator I would look forward to teaching familiar subjects to fresh new faces. I eagerly anticipated sharing my favorite novels with students, hoping they would appreciate the beauty of the prose as well as the significance of the story.

At this time of year, trips to the store become extraordinary outings. I stroll down the aisles in awe of the school supplies. Packages of pens in a variety of colors call my name. Composition notebooks with covers to match any mood or interest captivate my attention.

Packs of index cards inspire creative projects. And the pink erasers, glue sticks, post-it notes, markers and colored pencils. Since prices are discounted, I stock up for the year.

As I carefully stack twenty or so notebooks in my cart, I envision potential writing projects. Each clean page will transform into meaningful stories or journal entries. I smile at the unopened box of 64 crayons and the pack of colored pencils.

I know they have a bright future, helping me turn a stressful day into relaxing moments. The resurgence of coloring books for adults means I no longer have to hide my childhood passion.

This time of year also signals a seasonal change. The hot days of summer will soon give way to cooler autumn temperatures. I will trade in my t-shirts and shorts for colorful sweaters and scarves.

My beverage of choice will slowly change from iced tea and lemonade to hot cocoa and spiced lattes. The changing of the leaves will bring apple picking and pumpkin carving, all in preparation for the upcoming holidays.

In August, I start with a clean slate and focus to improve knowledge and mental health. It is a time of hope and possibilities – time for a fresh start.

But in reality I do not have to wait for a special time to start fresh. God provides a fresh start each morning when I open my eyes to begin a new day. He still has a purpose for my life. He still has work for me to do.

Each day provides the opportunity to forgive, to correct poor habits, to take that next baby step toward wholeness and healing. God erases the mistakes of my past and instead looks only at the possibility of what I can become. He gives me hope and a future every single day.

©2015 Molly Totoro
Molly Totoro is a writer and a recently retired English teacher who has a heart and a passion for authentic living. She firmly believes “Everyone has a story to share” and is currently establishing a ministry, Milestone Memoirs, where she helps others discover and write their stories to impact future generations. Molly shares the importance of leaving a legacy at Stepping Stone Publications, and she frequently blogs at My Cozy Book Nook.