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As women, we need to be careful of the hurts that threaten us through internet searches, games or even posts on social media sites. Once we’re online, we’re out there forever, all over the world.

And as scary as that possibility is for us, it is even more threatening to the lives of young girls.

Recently, during “Take Your Daughter to Work Day,” a young mother brought her daughter to GateWay. We talked about the work that happens at GateWay, how we help hurting women, and we also talked about internet safety.

At the end of our visit, this incredible girl of the next generation wrote the following:

“Be Careful on The Internet” by Junior Reporter (3rd grade)

Today I went to Gateway of Hope and we talked about internet safety. If a man asks for your address, you should tell your mom and not play that game. I learned something. Never play a game (like Truth or Dare). Do not play that game ☺ So never ever play a game like that. I hope you learn from your mistake.

At GateWay, we’re helping women deal with their pain. We also encourage mothers who take their daughters to work. We hope the next generation will use their gifts, be safe and share hope with others.Ainsley-Rjt

2013 GateWay of Hope Ministries – Offering Help to Hurting Women

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