Live From Your Power

Sometimes, it is easy to habitually repeat negative phrases such as, “I can’t do this,” or “I’ll never be able to ….”power in rejoicing

And the “What If” phrases we use often originate from a place of fear. “What if this happens?” “What if I can’t …?”

But as Christian women, we are not called to live from a place of fear or negativity. In fact, we have within us the same power that raised Jesus from the grave.

The Apostle Paul makes it clear in Romans 8:11, “And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you.”

Think about what that power was able to do:

  • Take a bruised and bloodied physical body and make it whole again
  • Breathe life into stone-cold lungs
  • Make a heart start beating with strong and steady thumps
  • Infuse every cell with the life-giving features needed to pump oxygen, eat food and walk again
  • Allow that physical body to have spiritual qualities so that it could walk through walls and disappear at will
  • Reproduce the voice, behaviors and characteristics of Jesus so that his disciples would recognize him
  • Remove that human body from behind a heavy stone and transport it into the open air

Nowhere in scripture or in history do we find that Jesus stayed dead or that his new resurrected body lived in fear, dread or negativity.

On the contrary, he knew who he was – the resurrected Christ who had conquered death and was literally and completely filled with the Holy Spirit.

We need to also realize who we are:

  • Women infused with the same exact Holy Spirit who lived in Jesus
  • Gifted, talented, able women who can help to change the world
  • Chosen women whom God has pointed to and said, “You are my beloved.”
  • Mothers, grandmothers, single women – all able to mentor the next generation
  • Ezer Warriors (the word “Helpmate” [Ezer in Hebrew] used in Genesis to describe Eve means “Warrior.”) We were created and designed to fight the good fight and thrive.

So instead of wimping into a new year with fear or negative attitudes, let’s live from our power and march forward with strength.

Listen to this song, “The Same Power” by Jeremy Camp and live from your power.

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