Living Whole

Body, mind, spiritA recent visit to the doctor brought up the subject about holistic living or living whole.

Since we are complete beings – body, mind and spirit – it is best to confront any illness by looking at the entire picture. Is it just a physical ailment or is it caused by stress? What is the root problem?

In a Care Note published by Abbey Press, Father Robert L. Kinast lists several ways we can work through major illnesses, emotional problems or spiritual crises:

See yourself as more than a machine. A state of wellness includes the total health of the person – body, mind and spirit. As Father Kinast writes, “Like an unfinished symphony, absorb what is happening so that you can shape the next movement.”

Get your problem into perspective. Our problems tend to dominate every waking moment, but when we realize the problem is just one moment in an entire lifetime – it doesn’t seem like such a huge deal.

Develop an image of your life. Picture yourself within your situation. What are some ways you can become a warrior against this problem? Imagine yourself conquering the problem and imagine God walking beside you to claim the victory.

Reframe your image. Enlist the help of friends and professionals to help you see the problem in a different light. Think of the positive aspects of the situation. What can you learn from this situation? For example: unemployment might lead to a much better job. Keep looking forward and stay in hope.

Pray it through. As we present the problem to God, we use our minds and our spirits in conjunction with God’s power. We give him the situation and listen to any advice he sends our way. By praying through the issue, we can eventually agree with 2 Samuel 23:10, “The Lord brought about a great victory that day.”

By utilizing body, mind and spirit – we find the energy to create a new harmony, even when faced with difficult situations.

What about you? How do you live holistically?

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