When the Next Step is Scary

footprints_in_the_sand_op_493x600Many of us are taking new steps in 2015. Whether it’s a new job, a new location or a different status in life – it’s a bit scary to step into the unknown.

Even when taking steps to better ourselves – starting a coaching program, cutting out carbs or working with a personal trainer – those initial steps may feel a bit daunting.

And at the beginning of any new year, we often wonder – what will happen in the next few months? What will my life look like next year at this time?

The Bible reminds us that we can take those first steps with confidence, because God Himself walks with us.

Psalm 37:23-24 states it best: “The Lord makes secure the footsteps of the person who delights in Him. Even if that person trips, she won’t fall. The Lord’s hand takes good care of her” (New International Reader’s Version).

God makes our footsteps secure, and even if we stumble, even if we make a mistake – God will make sure it doesn’t destroy us. His hand, His loving presence, takes good care of us.

So whatever new steps you’re taking this year, march forward with courage.

You are NOT alone.

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