What Everybody Ought to Know about GateWay

GateWay is The Helping Place for Hurting Women. What kinds of women do we help? What are the issues we see most often?depressed woman

Every woman is welcome at GateWay, but the following issues are the ones we regularly see. These are the areas where we help hurting women.

• We help Abused women. One out of three women are sexually abused or assaulted during their lifetimes. But sexual abuse is only one part of the problem. We also help women who have been mentally, verbally and emotionally abused – women who have been spiritually abused – women who have been dishonored in any way. These are the women we help.

When we look at all the types of abuse, the statistics are much higher than just one out of three. Most women have suffered some type of abuse and/or they are currently living with some type of abuse.

• We help Divorced women. One out of two marriages fail, and the highest demographic for poverty in the U.S. is the single mom. We help divorced women work through all the issues they face such as finances, parenting, forgiveness and finding their new identities in life.

Some of these women come to us for counseling. Some join our SOS (Starting Over Single) group. Some come to us for coaching, and some want to learn more about setting personal Boundaries. We help divorced women.

• We help women who have suffered some type of Loss. Whether it is grief from the loss of a spouse or child, unemployment and the loss of a job, the loss of a relationship or the loss of a dream – we help women who have experienced loss.

Think about it. Every woman experiences some type of loss. We are here to help.

• We help women who are Stressed. Some of these women serve in ministry capacities and have no other place to go for support and care. No one else understands. Everyone expects them to be strong and give care rather than to receive care. Yet the strongest women know when to ask for help.

Some of our women are stressed because of the circumstances of life. They need a place where they can rest for a while, put aside the responsibilities, read a book, write in their journals, color on a piece of paper, talk to someone who will listen, pray.

We help women who are over-committed and stressed out.

So…these are the types of women we serve. The Abused, the Divorced, those who have suffered Loss and those who are Stressed.

GateWay of Hope is The Helping Place for Hurting Women.

2013 GateWay of Hope Ministries