The History of GateWay of Hope


GateWay Staff
GateWay of Hope Staff

“Leading women to discover hope, pursue healing and live in wholeness through counseling, coaching and groups.”

Since 2006, GateWay of Hope has offered women a safe, confidential and hope-centered environment of support. Our vision is to serve as a place where women can transform their lives and create new legacies — positively impacting themselves, and future generations. We provide the help and support clients may need to repair the past, handle the present, and grow closer to Christ in a safe environment.

Our Mission is leading women to…

Discover Hope…
Hope is the cornerstone of recovery and healing, of becoming and staying whole. Without hope, we are vulnerable to every adversity in life. Hope sustains us in times of failure, loneliness and hurt. Whether you are experiencing a small setback or your world seems to be falling apart, a sense of hope can keep you moving forward, able to take that critical next step.

Pursue Healing…
Healing is a process that takes time, courage and self-exploration. True healing is only possible once a sense of hope has been restored, giving you the courage and motivation to work toward emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Healing renews how we think and look at our world, and with that, a new realm of possibilities begins to emerge.

Live in Wholeness…
Becoming whole is a feeling of completeness in body, mind and spirit. It’s the sense of victory – of walking through life’s adverse circumstances and setbacks and coming out stronger on the other side. For some women, becoming whole brings a sense of recognition, finding the person they were, while for others becoming whole is a brand new feeling.

We help women along this journey of hope, healing and wholeness through services such as:

  • Counseling
  • Coaching
  • Groups